When adding a media object to a constituent record, you insert an electronic copy of the object. Changes to the original object do not affect the copy. To create a link to the object instead of a copy, mark the Link option. Since only the link is stored in the database and not the object itself, you need to ensure that the object is available to everyone when linking. For more information on the advantage of linking media objects, review How to minimize the increase in database size caused by files stored on the Media tab  and What is the difference between linking and embedding.
If your data is hosted by Blackbaud, the media file must be uploaded to the Files Folder or accessible on you local C:\ drive, prior to adding it to the Media tab.  All files added to the media tab in the Hosted Environment must be EMBEDDED rather than linked.  If you do not embed the media file, it will become unusable when it is deleted from the Files Folder or by other users.

Please note that the Files Folder is not designed to permanently store your media objects, as the space is limited.  Once your media file is embedded, you should delete it from the Files Folder. 

Media files cannot be Exported from RE, but users can open each file to preview/print, as needed.  Media cannot be globally added to multiple constituents at once. 

Adding a media object

    1. From a constituent record, select the Media tab.
    2. On the action bar, click New Media.
    3. Mark the Create from File option to add a media object from a file you previously created and saved.
    4. Click Browse.
    5. Locate the media object and click Open.
    6. Check "Display as Icon" to embed the object or Mark Link to link the object.
    7. Click OK .
    8. In the Date field, enter a date.
    9. In the Type field, select the media type such as Picture.
    10. If this media object is related to a proposal, click the binoculars in the Proposal field to search for that proposal.
    11. In the Description field, enter a description of the media object.
    12. Enter a title for the media object in the Title field.
    13. In the Author field, enter who created the media object.
    14. Click Save and Close.
    15. Click Save and Close.

    Editing a media object

    1. From a constituent record, select the Media tab
    2. Highlight the media object you want to edit, and click Open on the action bar
    3. Edit the information you want to change
    4. On the toolbar, click Save and Close
    5. Click Save and Close

    Deleting a media object

    1. From a constituent record, select the Media tab
    2. In the grid, highlight the media object you want to delete
    3. On the action bar, click Delete
    4. The media object opens and a confirmation message appears, asking if you are sure you want to delete the media record
    5. Click Yes. You return to the Media tab of the constituent record. The media object is permanently removed from your database.
    6. On the toolbar, click Save and Close