From the Solicitor's Constituent record:

    • In Records, click Constituents and open the solicitor's constituent record 
    • On the Bio 1 tab, click the Details button next to the Constituent is a solicitor checkbox
    • On the Assignments tab, click New assignment
    • Browse to the record to whom the solicitor should be assigned and select that record 
    • Enter the appropriate assigned solicitor information 
    • Click Save and Close

    From the Constituent record to which the Solicitor is being assigned :

    • Select the Relationships tab on a constituent's record
    • Highlight Assigned Solicitor
    • Click Add New Assigned Solicitor
    • Click the binoculars to search for and select the solicitor's constituent record
    • Enter the appropriate assigned solicitor information
    • Click Save and Close 

      To globally assign solicitors to a group of constituents:

      Refer to How to globally add assigned solicitors