1. Search for Normal.dotm. The file location should be on the server that contains the Roaming or Redirected Windows profile.

    Example: \\[Servername]\[Username]\...\Microsoft\Templates
  2. Copy the Normal.dotm file
  3. Go to Start, Run. Type "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates" and press enter.
  4. Paste Normal.dotm into this location
  5. Open Microsoft Word
  6. Go to File, Options
  7. Click the Advanced option
  8. Scroll all the way down to the bottom
  9. Click on the File Locations button
  10. Double-click on the User Templates option
  11. Type "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates" or browse to the folder that was opened in Step 3.

    C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Microsoft\Templates (Windows Vista and 7)
    C:\Documents and Settings\[YourUsername]\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates (Windows XP)
  12. Close out of Microsoft Word
  13. Log into the Raiser's Edge and continue working as normal.

    Because this is not a Blackbaud Product, this is beyond our Scope of Support.