To view a list of the transactions processed by Blackbaud Merchant Services, we can generate the Daily Transactions Report. For each transaction, we can view the date, source, gross and net amounts, fees, account holder name, account type, last four digits, expiration date, authorization code, and result.

To generate the Daily Transactions Report:

  1. Log in to the BBMS Web Portal
  2. Go to Reports > Daily transactions
  3. In the Date field, select a date or select Specific range to enter a custom range
  4. In the Result field, select the result of the transactions to view such as Approved, Denied, or Pending (ACH). To view all transactions on the selected date, regardless of result, leave the Result field blank
  5. In the Group by field, select whether to group the transactions in the report by date or credit card type
  6. Click Run Report
  7. To export the results, click the disk icon and select the desired file type. The exported file will download into the browser and may be opened or saved.
There may be multiple pages of the report, which we can see in the blue menu bar that appears directly above the report.