To generate the Daily Transactions Report:

  1. Select the Reports tab from the top navigation bar > Daily transactions.
  2. In the Date field, select the date or date range for which to view transactions. If you select Specific date, select the date of the transactions to view.
  3. In the Result field, select the result of the transactions to view such as Approved, Denied, Pending (ACH) or to view all transactions for the client on the selected date, regardless of result, leave the Result field blank.
  4. In the Group by field, select whether to group the transactions in the report by date or credit card type.
  5. Click Run Report
When the report loads to the Daily Transaction Report window, note that there may be multiple pages by reviewing the section 1 of # in the blue menu bar that appears directly above the report.

To export or print results:


  1. Select the disk icon drop down menu directly above the report and select the desired file type (XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, Excel, TIFF or Word)
  2. The exported file will download to the browser
  3. Choose to Open or Save the file to the desired location
  1. Select the Print Icon in the blue menu bar to print the Daily Transactions Report.
Note - Option to print in the Daily Transactions report is only present for Internet Explorer 8 and above.