Note: Network drive access must be enabled before your organization will be able to use network or mapped drives from a hosted application.


  1. Click File > Export in the process or report to print.
    • Note: When exporting from the Reports module, set the Destination field to "Disk file," then click Export
  2. Change the save location by clicking on the ellipsis button  next to the file name field.  This will open the navigation window.
  3. Select the 'Save in' drop-down menu at the top of the file navigation window and select the Local Disk option that has the letter of the drive that you wish to save the file on.   You may see one of the two following explorer windows:
    Disk Mapping Save in options when exporting User-added image
  4. Browse to the location on your computer where you want to save your file. 
    • We recommend storing files in a folder that is in an easily accessible location (i.e.C:\Users\[Windows username]\Desktop\)
    • Due to common file restrictions on the root directory of a windows computer (C:\), we suggest not saving to C:\ and saving your file within a folder.
    • Windows users: If you receive the prompt "You don't have permission to save in this location.  Please contact the administrator to obtain permission." Click Ok to proceed with exporting.  Please refer to our Knowledgebase Article regarding the prompt: Error: An online application is attempting to access files on your computer when launching an application hosted by Blackbaud
    • Mac Users: If you receive the prompt to allow access to the drive, select Read & Write.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Saving to your local drives (and network or mapped drives, if enabled) is available in any application hosted by Blackbaud Hosting Services.