The address import ID (AddrImpID) is the link to an existing address in The Raiser's Edge and Education Edge. It is unique for each address and is required when updating existing addresses through Import. Without this field, the program would not know which address to update. 

To find the address import ID (these steps apply to the Raiser's Edge only):
  1. Open Records, and select the appropriate record type
  2. Open the appropriate record
  3. Select the Addresses tab
  4. Open the appropriate address
  5. Select File, Properties from the menu bar
To find the address import ID (these steps apply to the Education Edge only):

    The address import ID would not be found on a record; this information would be viewed within an Export. 

    To export the address import ID:

    1. In Export, create an export for the appropriate record type
    2. On the Output tab, expand Addresses> Double click Import ID.  
    • Note: In the example below the emergency contact number is only associated with the Business Type Address. Therefore, if you wanted to update this information via import you would need to select the Address Import ID from the business. If  Address Import ID is not included in the import file, a new Address would be added to the record. 
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