What do I need to do to prepare for the update to The Raiser's Edge 7.95 or higher?

The Raiser’s Edge version 7.95 includes exciting updates to how phone numbers and constituent and relationship contact information are stored in The Raiser’s Edge. This version also includes some additional changes, some of which may require some preparation prior to updating.  This solution outlines any recommended preparation that you should take.

If upgrading to 7.96 from 7.94 or below, the preparation for 7.95 is still important. Please also see Installation tips on how to install or upgrade to The Raiser's Edge 7.96 and What is included in the Raiser's Edge 7.96?
Please visit The Raiser's Edge 7.95 Homepage for more resources, and information pertaining specifically to the update to version 7.95 of The Raiser's Edge.

If you are updating from version 7.93 or lower:
  • Contact Information: Contact information is no longer stored on Address records and lives on the Bio 1 tab.  This change also removes the phone sharing functionality.  We strongly encourage users to review the below resources and prepare their contact information as needed:
  • Phone Type Formats: To ensure that Phone Numbers and Email Addresses end up on the correct tab in the phone grid, make sure that Phone Types have the correct format applied in Config > Tables > Phone Types.  You can reference How to format Phone Types for exact steps on this process.
  • Pivot Reports: We strongly recommend taking snapshots of your existing Pivot Report setups to use as a guide to recreate your new excel-based pivots.
  • Custom Reports:
    • Custom Reports that previously included phones and emails associated with Alternate Addresses will need to be modified to include inactive fields.
    • When run through RE 7.95, Crystal Reports created in Crystal 8.5 will be converted to Crystal XI, preventing them from being opened with Crystal 8.5. For this reason, we recommend upgrading to Crystal XI before upgrading Raiser's Edge to 7.95. To do so, follow the steps in How to convert Crystal reports from version 8.5 to version XI.
  • Query and Export:
    • Existing queries and exports will not need to be rebuilt and will still be fully supported
    • Note: You may need to add a filter to queries and/or exports if you wish to filter out Inactive Phones to achieve the same results if your data has historical information.  This may be done by adding the Phone Inactive filter to your query or export.
  • Data Preparation:
​​If you are updating from version 7.94:
  • No changes will be made to your existing phone/email address structure
  • Review the list of features that will be available when updating from version 7.94 to 7.95
Regardless of the version you are updating from....


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